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Black tea is a type of tea which is made from the Camellia sinensis, a species of plant. James Taylor was a British citizen who introduced commercial tea plantation in Sri Lanka. He arrived in 1852 and settled down in Looleconera estate in Kandy. Tea growing areas in Sri Lanka are Nuwareliya, Uda Pusallawa, Dimbulla, Uva, Kandy and Ruhuna. Tea is cultivated in Sri Lanka using the contour planting method, where tea bushes are planted in lines in the coordination with the contours of the land, usually on slopes.


For commercial manufacture the ‘flush’ or leaf growth on the side branches and stems of the bush are used. Generally two leaves and a bud, which have the flavor and aroma, are skillfully plucked, usually by women. After plucking, the tea is very quickly taken to the muster sheds to be weighed and monitored under close supervision, and then the teas are brought to the factory for processing. Ceylon black tea is one of the country’s specialties. It has a crisp aroma reminiscent of citrus, and is used both unmixed and in blends. It is grown on numerous estates which vary in altitude and taste. There are plenty of benefits in tea. Some of them are as follows.

Tea is very low in Sodium, Fat and Calories. It can reduce cardiovascular problems and Bountiful Antioxidants.