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Welcome to Lanka Guardian Commodities, a family owned business specializing in providing and exporting premium quality Sri Lankan teas and spices. Based in Sri Lanka yet dealing our products on a global scale, we’re an aspiring company committed to quality.

Who We Are

Lanka Guardian Commodities was established in 1990 by a single founder, A.C.M. Mukhtar, who stands as the current chairman of the company. Mukhtar’s plan was to supply spices in wholesale to local exporters. Soon after, his three sons also joined the company as directors. Lanka Guardian Commodities was a small business in the beginning, and only started exporting in 2010. Initially, there were very few exports conducted. However, with time, the export processes grew, as the four directors of the company put in all their best efforts and hard work.

Today, we stand with more than 20 years of experience in the field of tea and spices. We have been known as the largest exporter of sesame seeds in 2014, heavily exporting Sri Lankan products to many countries, especially Japan, Middle East, and India. Despite our growth, our work approach remains intact from the start: to commit ourselves to what we do and never waver from our ethical values.

Our Aim

The aim of Lanka Guardian Commodities is to provide the highest quality of teas and spices straight from Sri Lanka’s best harvests to all over the world. We look to establish solid trade relations with many countries, and hope to play a good part in Sri Lanka’s economy through our endeavors.

Our Products

Lanka Guardian Commodities supplies and exports a variety of products. From pure quality Sri Lankan teas like herbal teas and spice teas to the finest of Sri Lankan spices like cloves, sesame seeds, black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, and more.

Sri Lanka is renowned for its agricultural heritage due to its ideal climate and geographical conditions. A diverse variety of teas and spices are cultivated here every year. Lanka Guardian Commodities sources the best of teas and spices – those which are grown in perfect conditions to promise the finest quality available.

Our Promise

Lanka Guardian Commodities makes a promise to all its clients and that is of quality and value. Sourcing the richest products, we only supply the highest grade of Sri Lankan spices and teas. This way, all our clients are promised good value for money and we can form the best of relations with all our buyers, national and international.

Our Values

The values that we stick by with have been with us from the start. Being a family owned business, our values always come first. These values include:

Commitment: Everything we do, we do it with full commitment. We consider hard work and dedication a part of our work, and never overlook the importance of them.

Integrity: With integrity, we are not just able to honor the name of this family business but also make true on our promise of quality.

Diversity: We are open to diversity and appreciate all our relations from all over the world.

We look forward to establishing further worldwide relations. For more information, contact us today.